A ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (VLE) [..] is designed to act as a focus for students’ learning activities and their management and facilitation, along with the provision of content and resources required to help make the activities successful. (Stiles, 2000)

VLEs are in widespread use across the third level sector. They carry teaching materials but also facilitate course activities. At NUI Maynooth, we use a VLE called Moodle, and we are currently using Moodle version 2.2. Every taught module automatically has its own Moodle space, but you can choose how to use this space. We can also make Moodle spaces available for other teaching purposes or for learning support.

If you have never used Moodle before, we can help with training and support. Please contact for details. You will need an NUIM username and password to access Moodle. If you are teaching here, and you do not already have these details, please check with your department. For guests or temporary teaching staff, you may need to complete the Computer Centre account application form (link provided below).

Registered students at NUI Maynooth automatically have access to Moodle. Please contact for queries in relation to non-registered students.

For more information on Moodle resources, Moodle in Practice, references, or to arrange a tailored workshop please click the Resources, In Practice, and References sections below. Alternatively, you can email