CTL Workshops

Asessment Series: Engaging Students in Assessment
10am - 1pm
CTL Learning Space, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Education House
Relevant For: 

All Teaching Staff

Participant Numbers: 
Max 20

This session will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss their experiences of assessing student learning. Terminology used in relation to assessment in higher education will be defined as well as criteria for ‘fitness for purpose’ of assessment. The pre-session task requires participants to review a case study on assessment from the wide variety within the AISHE publication.



This session will give you the opportunity to discuss the following:
- Different methods of Assessment - including Peer Assessment
- Engaging students within the process
- Facilitating Feedback

Orla Hanratty
Additional Information: 

Pre-session Task
Choose a chapter from the AISHE publication on Case Studies on Assessment (2007) linked with your disciplinary and prepare to discuss with group: http://www.aishe.org/readings/2007-1/aishe-readings-2007-1.html

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